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Crime Stoppers is a non-profit, community-based program that incorporates partnerships between the Community, the Media and the Police.

Members of the community call into Crime Stoppers anonymously with information about crimes that are being or are going to be committed. Without these tips, Crime Stoppers would not exist. Members of the community also make up the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors. This volunteer board meets once a month to discuss upcoming fundraising activities and to vote on rewards for successful tips.

The media promotes Crime Stoppers. Crimes of the Week can be heard on a regular basis on 104.9 The Beach and 90.5 myFM and can be read in Huron County’s weekly newspapers. The media also reports on any upcoming events that Crime Stoppers may have scheduled.

The tips that come in through Crime Stoppers’ toll-free line, 1-800-222-TIPS or through the webtip program are then forwarded to the police to investigate. The police then report back to Crime Stoppers, the outcome of their investigation, so that Crime Stoppers can give an update to the callers.


If you would like to apply to volunteer on the Crime Stoppers of Huron and Perth Counties board of directors, or be an active volunteer for events, click the link below and fill out the Google Form to be considered.

A current Board of Director will be in contact with you soon! 


The CSHP Board of Directors are volunteers from both counties with the common goal to reduce and resolve crime within our communities.

Current Board Members (Huron & Perth)

Wayne S.  - Chair

Ian J. – Co-Vice-Chair

Kyle S. - Co-Vice-Chair

Justin S. – Secretary

Judy S. – Treasurer

Teresa P. – Police Liaison OPP

Jen B. - Police Liaison Stratford PS



Jacob A.

Dwight A.

Albert A.

Mike B.

David F.

Sam G.

Alex H.

Tyson K.

Sam L.

Spencer L.

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